Starbucks Sky Cafe Posters

Here at Marlin, Starbucks is the big rooster in our hen house. We had the opportunity to do some retail-side promotion for the Sky Cafe in the landmark Seattle Space Needle. The Sky Cafe is a unique Starbucks retail store that falls in a murky world somewhere between Starbucks retail and the licnesed stores category where we do most of our work.

I was the designer on the project with art director Gale Venosdel (now with Littlefield), copywriter Chris Rock, and account exec Dan Schultz. The idea was to play upon the experience of being in the Space Needle: The view. The assignment had us put together two posters with coordinating counter cards promoting Starbucks summertime drinks: Seattle Chill Mango Melon and Seattle Chill Toffee Nut Lattte.

The illustrations were crafted by Cori Dantini, which captures the hand-crafted world of coffees the Starbuckers roast for each and every one of us. Cori did a fantastic job of commmunicating the spectacular views and the people who see them. Cori is fun to work with and has brought a ton to the table of this project.

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