Lej Eyewear Booklet

It's been a while since my last post. The month of July was busy with work, freelance and travel. But, now it's time to catch up...

Local ear surgeon and inventor, Scott Estrem, had great success with the Ototek Loop, a tool to clean impacted earwax (yummy). Overcome with the entrepreneur spirit, Dr. Estrem set about attacking the semi-omnipresent scourge of humanity: The sun.

Lej eyewear seeks to solve the problem of top-down sun glare and brow sweat. The Marlin creative team of Chris Rock, Michael Stelzer, Dan Schultz, and myself set about to name the new product, develop a logo, a brand identity, marketing position, tradeshow presence, and associated collateral. Though the glasses are unconventional, they we’re a big hit with Maria Sharipova’s coach at the SGMA show in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find them?

Brian Collins said...

Here's his website: