Repacked for Teens

Edgy and irreverent.

Those were the orders from Hasbro on a re-packaging, re-positioning assignment for three of Hasbro's classic board games.

Pictionary, Trivial Persuit, and Taboo were canned to appeal to a younger demo with a bit more pocket change, but a shorter attention span in this hyper-digital-handheld-device-driven era we’re all traveling through.

We presented two themes with designs to match: Co-Ed Wrestle and Shock Talk. The games were miniaturized and made portable by using a squat can and decreasing the size of gameboards, pawns and whatnots.

Using found imagery and period appropriate typography, the cans take a spin in the mosh-pit of retail punkery with hopes kiddies and their mums are eager, or at least curious enough to slap down a few bucks for a little gameplay.


Ryan Northway said...

Nice solutions, looks like an exciting project to work on!

Brendan Collins said...

Love this!! These packaging designs look amazing!! Great job!