Smallroom Skateboards Card

A very long time ago on the Central Coast of California their lived a micro-skateboard company called Smallroom. That's where myself and my wife Betsy worked alongside Louis Carlton. We screened boards, went to school and skated into the salty-aired coastal nights. Sigh.

Just take a look at this business card Louis put together in the ’zine style he was infamous for. Nowadays, I think Louis is working as an art director for Merrell over in Portland, U.S.A.


Justin said...

Nice! I grew up in Atascadero as a JP's skate rat. Smallroom was our very own piece of the skateboarding world. I miss the mini ramp in the SLO warehouse, good times and great memories for sure.

Brian Collins said...

Right on! I have a few other Smallroom artifacts from way back when. I'll get around to posting them at some point. I have a photo somewhere of me riding a ramp in Atascadero that I'll try and dig up as well.