Soccer Clubbing

Young Ben owns the soccer pitch.

My youngest son, Ben (Bubba), is an anomaly. I have done fairly well in sports, but I always had to work at it. Ben on the other hand is a natural. He plays on two soccer teams, one through the YMCA and the second is a competitive club team under the monicker of Magic Soccer.

Both teams have been without a proper logo, with the Y team using the provided t-shirts and the Magic Soccer team sporting cheap uniforms from South America. So it was time to get them branded properly.

The Cones, coached by Ben’s uncle Jon Timson, was named by Ben’s cousin George due to the brilliant orange of the Y shirts they wore during their undefeated season.

Magic Soccer is coached by Jonathan Marquez who is a fantastic, supportive leader for the U11 boys. Growing up between Missouri, San Diego and Venezuela, Jonathan’s coaching style has created an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

We are Magic!

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Brendan Collins said...

Sports teams need to be properly branded, way to pull threw and give them a really sweet design!