Let’s Go Bowling

Downtown Quentin Bowlin’ Brown.

At Marlin, we don’t just drink Starbucks coffee, we make it look good to drink Starbucks coffee.

We do tons of work for Starbucks Foodservice. They’re the folks who get Starbucks into places that Starbucks retail hasn’t penetrated (unbelievable, I know). Every year the FS people have a national sales meeting and for FY08 they all got together one evening for billiards and bowling at Garage in Seattle, Washington.

We presented several options (mostly gutter balls), but the beauty above was the spectacular splasher that got the game to a cool 300. Head kegler, Matt Rose, did a quick sketch of a mug as a pin (which forced me to cough up a beer frame—I’ll getch’ ya next time, Rose) leaving me to pick up the spare by tackin' down the stars as goal posts and nailin’ a barmaid down the back ends to the kickback with slick type and touch of good old fashioned distress to get ’er in there. But hey! We were sandbaggin’ just to get ’em to pickup the next beer frame.

As the legendary Chick Hearn once crowed, “Bowling for dollars, where the money goes up, as the pins fall down.”

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