Marlin Stationary

With the parting of the ways of Marlin and Deep, a new identity for the new millennium was called for…

The Marlin Company has been around for nearly 25 years and have had several logos along the way. With this iteration, through our long history and niché recognition, we were confident enough to hone the brand from ‘The Marlin Company’ to ‘Marlin’. We also shortened the horizontal footprint by creating a ligature between the ‘i’ and ‘n’ and mirroring the dot of the eye to make (every copywriters worst nightmare) a banger. The logo reads as Marlin, though if you were to study it, the ligature might become tiresome. But a great mark ought to be seen, not read.

The stationary was printed on the Curious Collection’s Curious Metallics. We had each item’s reverse flooded with one of four Pantone solids. The business cards had the four colors alternating so that all employees received a deck with four different variations of their calling card.

Oh, and about that banger I mentioned above, stick it Rock! And you too Garson!

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