The Amazing Chow

Sally Selby and I worked for The Bakersfield Californian for 7 years together (she much longer), and over the course of that time developed a great working realtionship. After I left, she just couldn’t bear it and soon became director of marketing for Klein, DeNatale, Goldner, Cooper, Rosenlieb & Kimball, LLP (whew!). KDG has been a client of mine for a number of years and I had the opportunity to not only work with Sally, but also the office manager, Sam Chow.

Eventually Sam headed to Chevron, so, in an effort to send him packing, KDG charged me to design a farewell poster for the soon-to-be defunct HR guy and firm nanny.

I was given quite a bit of latitude to portray Sam’s time with the firm. So I played up his reputation as being able to work ‘magic’ on any firm problem. ‘The Amazing Chow’ became the alias of which the going away party (or wake) would center. Using photographs, period reference, and a bit of time while I was in my last year at Syracuse, the ’Amazing Chow’ poster appeared out of thin air (yep, just like magic).

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