Pickle Productivity

As part of an overall new product launch for the Vlasic Prep Pak, Marlin developed an ad for foodservice publications to tout the wonders of pre-packaged pickle packs.

Art director Gale Venosdel (now with Littlefield) and copywriter Chris Rock developed a tongue-and-cheek science journal-like ad to expose the oversight of productive time-loss due to inefficient pickle replenishment.

The ad was featured in the January/February 2007 issue of Commmunication Arts. Here’s the cutline that went along with the image:

“A trade ad for a foodservice manufacturer and marketer for retail brands. ‘Foodservice operators are very conscious of margins and numbers,’ said Gale Venosdel and writer Chris Rock. ‘And there was something ridiculous and engaging about the idea that pickles can make you more productive. So we created a pseudoscience out of it. Plus, that let us make pie charts out of pickles, which has always been a goal.’”

Gale did most of the design on this one, utilizing me to tighten it up a bit. So all-in-all, this is mostly Gale's work. But it is a good example of the team nature of things around Marlin.

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