Vlasic Prep Pak Direct Mail

Vlasic Prep-Pak Pickles are designed to make food handling easier for foodservice operators. As of June, sales are positive but could always be better. To build on the current momentum in the marketplace, Marlin was asked to concept and produce a direct mail effort that was sent to a targeted audience.

My involvement was rather minimal on this one. The idea was worked out by art director Gale Venosdel (now with Littlefield) and copywriter Chris Rock. Playing off of the Prep Pak Ad, the idea was to use the Prep Pak container as a delivery vehicle for the experiement’s booklet. The recipient is invited to run through a series of 5 experiments that illustrate the power of the Prep Pak. The content is whimsical, but it drives home the point that the simplicity of the Prep Pak idea makes lots of pickle-sense.

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